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Fanboy Expo 2017 - Sunday


On Sunday I decided to go on my own (no trio) and get autographs. YOLO, right? I did, however, put on my Robyn James Ensembles tee shirt (a Vistaprint freebie) and engage in a little self-promotion. Several people came up to me and told me how much they enjoyed the music on either Friday or Saturday, so that made me happy--whether they knew who I was because of the group name or because of my unmistakably purple hair, I'll let you decide.

Brent and Michael signed my photo as well as my brother Bob’s birthday present (some fancy Trek coasters I purchased from a vendor). I was pretty good at keeping the fangirl at bay on Sunday but I did have a minor freakout when they signed Bob's coasters. Brent asked what the symbols meant, as they were from the "reboot" movies, not his universe. Then as Michael was signing, it occured to me that I should have him sign the symbol appropriate to his character, Worf. He froze as I blurted "Oh, wait, Ishouldhaveyousigntheonethatha--" I took a breath. "Never mind." Michael handled it like the pro he is, finished signing, and gave me a small smile as he returned the coaster.

20170625_143853 (1).jpg
In case you don't speak fangirl, my smile says "Ohmygosh, he's so kind, I can die now."

In case you don't speak fangirl, my smile says "Ohmygosh, he's so kind, I can die now."

While Tommy signed my photo I told him “Yesterday I fangirled out but now I can tell you—I really enjoy your work, especially the character you played on ‘Criminal Minds.’” He smiled and thanked me. Since he’s the entire reason I got involved in this I asked for a selfie with him. One of the volunteers took my phone and got a shot of the both of us. He was so kind and all of the Fanboy volunteers and staff did an amazing job.

Ralph wasn’t at his table after I spoke with Tommy so I got something to eat and then went back. I told Ralph I just had one question for him—does it ever annoy him when people comment on how young he looks? He lived up to his “almost too nice” reputation as he skirted around the question. “Well… You know, sometimes I look in the mirror…” I told him that I get it, too, and that, if people didn’t often treat me differently (read: negatively) when they thought I was younger, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. He kind of nodded but he resisted any urge he had to confirm or deny my query. It was adorable.

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So there you have it—the tale of my first visit to the Fanboy Expo in Knoxville, Tennessee. It will certainly not be my last, as I’m already planning for this year’s event. Will you come say hello?