music education and performance

Robyn is an excellent, enthusiastic, and professional teacher who loves to teach. Robyn knows how to encourage her students to keep trying.
— Angie, Pellissippi State violin student

Photography By Anjelica - with Melody W.

Robyn is fantastic, patient and kind! I would recommend without a doubt!
— Mohini, Private violin student

private instruction

Robyn offers enthusiastic one-on-one instruction in viola, violin, and music theory to students age 6 to 106. Lessons take place in her home studio, with seating for guardian/family member(s) in the living room. Whether you're a beginner or have been playing for a while, Robyn will work with you in order to achieve your musical goals.

Photography By Anjelica - with Melody W.

30-minute lessons $124/mo

Thirty-minute lessons are recommended for beginners of all ages as well as people with limited free time. Thirty minutes gives the student enough time to set up, warm up, and get through several exercises and/or pieces of music.

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45-minute lessons $168/mo

Forty-five minute lessons are great for beginners who are quick learners and for those who feel that 30 minutes isn't quite enough. This allows more time to address any student questions or concerns.

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60-minute lessons $212/mo

One-hour lessons are geared toward more advanced students. This allows plenty of time to tackle problem areas and try multiple techniques. One-hour lessons are also recommended for students who want to study both music theory and an instrument.

From the first day of the lessons that semester until the last I looked forward to going to them. Robyn [is] easy to get along with and an excellent teacher as well as violist and violinist.
— Jeremy, Pellissippi State viola and violin student

Robyn's Studio - Photography By Anjelica

Photography By Anjelica

Great introduction to music fundamentals necessary for later music theory courses. This class got me to switch to being a music major.
— Pellissippi State student,

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